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Who are we?

Cryptographia is ready to take advantage of the digital industry. With convenience, a safety that responds to the needs of customers by developing software systems coupled with the use of expertise in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Cryptographia is a full-service provider that is ready to create workpieces and solve problems for both the public sector, private sector, business units including individual who want to start or extend digital finance.


Gregory Pickett, the founder of Hellfire Security, joins forces with Artisan Digital Asia Limited  to form Cryptographia.  Cryptographia (CryptoGraphia), a company that provides software development services, and security assessments of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency solutions in Thailand.


Penetration Test

Our experts will utilize the information gained in the audit to perform the hands-on testing of your solution’s blockchain to determine its maturity level measured

Read More against best practices and industry standards. This testing will include the following:
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Blockchain Static Testing
  • Dynamic Application Testing (including testing wallets, databases, GUI, and application logic)
  • Blockchain Integrity Testing
  • Each of these attack vectors is explored to ensure proper security controls are in place to detect, mitigate, and properly audit access.

    Security Audit

    We request specific documentation from the client in order to gain a better understanding of how the blockchain is being used within your business

    Read More and how the data is being protected. We assess the architecture, compliance, and readiness in several key areas:
  • Code Security
  • P2P Security
  • RPC Security
  • Encrypted Signature Security
  • Account And Transaction Models Security
  • Smart Contract Virtual Machine Security
  • Consensus Security
  • Blockchain Consulting

    We excel at blockchain consulting for entrepreneurs, making it possible for them to build an optimal business solution in a larger blockchain ecosystem. For example;

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  • PoC & MVP Builds
  • Technical Consulting
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Product Design (UI/UX)
  • Team

    The quality of the work is filled with experience and expertise from the collaboration of three very large partners.

    ​Managing Director at Artisan Digital. Tech entrepreneur in Southeast Asia

    Founder and Head of Cybersecurity Operations for Hellfire Security

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